Prime Virtual Real Estate Investments

Offering expertise and execution
at its finest, we cover deep market research, origination, incubation, acquisition, management, and ROI-focused investments in cutting-edge digital assets.

The Future is Now

The rise of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, and decentralized virtual worlds has opened up an exciting array of opportunities to enthusiasts, investors, and developers.

Navigating the rapidly evolving virtual landscape is where we thrive. Allow our team of experts to guide you towards the most profitable investment decisions.

Paving the Way

Crypto House Capital plays an active part in developing promising metaverse projects, such as Skylum, the first fully inhabitable, virtual skyscraper.

We know the ins and outs of what it takes to get an idea from brainstorming to successful implementation, thereby adding valuable practical insight into the unfoldment of innovative digital solutions.

Trust is Earned

We know what it takes to build trust by showing dedication and results that speak for themselves. We value each client, offering personalized services, on-call access to our analysts, and timely updates to stay ahead of the market.

On our team you, will never miss a beat.

What is Crypto House Capital?

Crypto House Capital (CHC) is a forward-thinking venture focused on attaining attractive risk-adjusted returns via the development, acquisition, management, leasing, and sale of virtual property on blockchain-based metaverses in the form of non-fungible tokens (“NFTs”).

Why us?

Founded by a team of leading experts from the fields of real estate, marketing, and digital asset management, CHC is confident in its purpose to accomplish a successful return on investment, while making a significant positive contribution to the growth of virtual reality, and the communities involved.

Be among the first to secure a private space in the Sandbox Skylum Skyscraper

Stay in the center of the action, close to the hotspots of the Sandbox Universe. Join a strong community of enthusiasts and get access to exclusive events in and around Skylum.

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